Providing our clients with quality Field Bred Spaniels for

Hunting & Home

Our love for the English Cocker goes back generations! Our love of this breed stems from the original cockers used for guiding on the family hunting club in Kentucky from the early 70’s.  Being avid bird hunters ourselves, the English Cocker is the perfect addition to our lifestyle and family. We strive to breed family friendly, all natural hunters. Our stock is both plantation and imported bred, combing the class look of the plantation style with the drive of the UK style. All of our dogs live in the house, as well as hunted making them the perfect combination of working and recreational.
 If you have not owned an ECS before, be prepared for the most loyal and loving partner you will ever have! Not only do they love us wholeheartedly, but they also participate in all of our activities, riding thousands of miles quietly in the truck, or running along side many training horses.  Hunting aside, these little “pocket rockets”  love swimming, riding the fourwheeler, or just laying on the couch with us. They are truly the world’s best dog!